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September 29

What to look for in a moving company

Are you moving house soon?

Moving House is Easy…
Simply pack your belongings up, grab a few cardboard boxes, chuck the washing machine in your car and you are away. Right? Its not stressful and its easy as …

Sound familiar?

Well in the name of that great beer company YEA RIGHT!!!!

Comments like these are something we hear quite regularly and we know deep down that the person talking means well, but clearly has never moved house before to really know that it can be a difficult thing to do on your own, plus very stressful.
Along with the stress it can also be very expensive, particularly when the damage to furniture and other possessions is accounted for at the end of the shift. This typically occurs due to poor handling when moving house.


Let us take the stress away from you and you too can enjoy a pain free move like the people below.

Part of removing the stress from moving house is having a great moving company in Auckland. Experience in moving and having reliable, friendly staff will be your biggest asset while moving and as we have been in the industry since 1989, we have thousands of happy clients who all tell us that we take the stress out of moving.

We get great feedback most days from people we have moved house for and they all touch on what a professional house movers and furniture moving companies can do. In particular we can take the stress away from you because we move peoples houses and processions every day.
Just Moving are the genuine family based business and moving experts servicing Auckland for 24 years. You won’t get any stress or breakages and damage to furniture from us.

Check out the client feedback below

I thought I’d send you a note to let you know that the move went well and I am please with the professional service I have received from start to finish. When moving house, it is a stressful time so it is refreshing to be able to deal with a company that eases the stress and does not add to it.The guys handled my goods with care and were friendly, courteous, punctual and focused!
I will definitely recommend your services to anyone needing to move J.

Kind Regards,

Michelle A Sackim Brand Manager – Retail Brands (NZ)


and lets be honest most of us would not fit our possessions into a mates car or even out car. Hiring a moving truck is a big task and who wants a sore back from lifting the countless boxes of stuff?
On average as adults we will probably move house every 5-10 years until finally settling down to retirement. Each time we move, we will have more belongings and more people to inform as well.