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January 23

Tips to help pets move easily and without stress



We all love our pets and we want that moving house is not stressful for them and us.

As humans we focus our attention on getting organised and making our move as easy as possible. Using a moving company minimises these types of effects but has much consideration been given to the pets in the household.

Cats in particular are very isolated animals with a small territory to move around in, so when you shift house it can be very hard on cats.

Here are some tips to help your cat move house easily and effectively.

Tips to move house with pets

No 1.

When moving your cat in the car cover their cage with a blanket to minimise stress levels. If they can’t see trouble they are less likely to freak out

No 2.

Put their favourite toys in the moving cage, things that are soft and cuddly are always soothing for a cat.  Ensure there is enough packaging inside the cage to ensure they do not get hurt in the move also.

No 3.  When arriving at the new house, show your cat the new area. carry him or her around the new house and let them get a feel foe the layout

No 4.

Put butter on their paws. This is not an old wives tale and actually works very well. Its like a welcome home present to a cat and butter is a treat they love. Put approximately one teaspoon of butter on one paw on the top. Do this after moving house and after you have showed them a house with your cat tour!