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Professional packing service

You can ask us to pack your entire home or just some areas, such as the kitchen cupboards and your precious china and glassware – it’s up to you. Whatever you decide you can be sure we’ll provide an experienced and efficient packing service.

TIP: For larger households we normally pack the day before your move.

Packing materials

To care for your belongings we only use good quality packing materials and equipment. If you prefer to do your own packing, we can provide moving cartons, bubble wrap and tape at competitive prices.

TIP: It’s a good idea to use smaller boxes for heavier items like books and large boxes for cushions and duvets.

Moving insurance

Some household contents insurance policies include cover for when you’re moving house. So the first step is to check with your insurer. If you need moving insurance we can provide a quote and arrange it for you.

Our customers sometimes choose to move without insurance. We call that ‘owner’s risk’ and it means they’re only covered for very unlikely events such as the truck catching fire or rolling over.

TIP: While we take every care with your possessions, we strongly recommend you take out full transit insurance cover for your move.

Secure storage

If you’re not moving directly to your new home, we offer the reassurance of short or long term storage in individual shipping containers. The containers are permanently located in a purpose-built storage compound with full-time security protection.

TIP: Access to your container can be arranged through us at any time.

Partial removal and storage

These days many homes are ‘staged’ with hired furniture and most are emptied of clutter before they go on the market. If you’re about to sell, or you’re renting your home out for a while, talk to us about moving some or all of your possessions into secure storage until you need them again.

TIP: You could start with out-of-season clothing and sports equipment and move on to items that have been living in your garage or storage areas for a while.

Truck and driver only

Lifting and carrying furniture safely requires training and experience, as well as strength. However, if you’d prefer to save money by supplying your own labour, ask about our truck and driver option. You carry everything to and from the back of the truck, while our driver expertly packs the truck using plenty of our blankets and tie downs.

TIP: For health and safety reasons we don’t allow our staff to help with lifting and carrying when they’re out working alone. If you select our truck and driver only service, please don’t ask the driver to help away from the truck.

International removals

If you’re moving overseas we can provide appropriate packing services, prepare a full inventory of your possessions and put you in touch with our preferred international moving specialists.

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