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October 13

Moving house with a great company does not have to be difficult

Moving house with a great company like Just Moving

When moving house meticulous planning and trust is required when choosing you local moving company. You need to find some one that caters to your needs and most importantly is punctual and careful with your prized items. Dealing with a company with a proven track record and care and attention to detail is a commodity that is very much in demand in Auckland.

Alot of the house or office shifts are across town i.e from one Auckland suburb to another while some of our clients choose to move further away such as Wellington and South Island. These moves are typically done in one day and when moving to a  different place such as another city or town then formulating a plan  to transfer everything and the furniture can be a hassle and stressful work. That is why, when finding a company that helps you and does a good moving job can be very beneficial. It will also cut the job to 80 percent for the home owner. Furthermore, when moving to a different place and relocating your old house then having s turn key house moving solution is gold.
In New Zealand we have stunning rural place and mountainous areas and many Aucklanders do choose to enjoy their new home  surrounded by nature. Hiring a quality moving company that provides high quality service has many benefits.

Option of full service moving

When choosing a moving company it pays to consider if their service fee includes the packing and unpacking of all the things that needs to moved.  Is this part of the process and service offered and will the company deliver it to the place you are relocating to or hold the goods until you have settled in. Either way is fine but this needs to be identified early in the piece.

Quilt-pad wrapping for care and no damage to furnishings

When moving house making sure that the things being moved are cared for with diligence and professionalism.Having a company with a meticulous manner when handling fragile stuff such as devices, televisions, and other gadgets including antiques, big screen TV’s, fragile items is a key point that needs verification and testimonials from existing customers can be very useful.  This also applies to furniture such as beds and sofas.

Fair and honest pricing and protecting valuables

Moving and relocating can be costly, however choosing the wrong company can be more expensive.  The time involved in trying to put right damages done to your items can be long and tedious. Dealing with Insurance companies, negotiating with your moving company and then the heart break of seeing irreplaceable items damaged can be heart breaking.

Best Quality Crew and Furniture Moving Staff

Lastly, we put alot of time and effort into our house moving crews. We look for people that are not only strong but dedicated to ensuring the customer has the best possible experience without damage to furniture or personal effects.

moving and storage companies
Storage of Household Effects can be helpful.