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September 29

How to move house safely and efficiently

“Bend your knees” and “Don’t use your back as a crane”. Just Moving endorses these phrases when moving house.

These slogans date back to the 1980’s when ACC launched its accident prevention programme on television fronted by the lively physiotherapist Leonard Ring. His talent as a presenter and speaker lead him to be a leading spokesperson on safety and injury prevention. His life work was recognized when he was inducted into the Safety and Health Hall of Fame International.
The Just Moving team also know how to look after their backs. Moving can be a stressful time for you and at the end of a long day’s packing the rules for lifting to save your back can be easily forgotten.

Just Moving reminds you to:
•Size up the challenge: If you think it could be too heavy, ask for help
•Inspect your intended pathway: Sort out your route and remove any obstacles or possible hazards
•Stand Close and keep a firm footing: Place your feet shoulder-width apart and wear shoes with good grip and support
•Tighten your abdominal muscles: abdominal muscles support your back
•Grip your load firmly: For greater strength and stability, lift and carry the object waist height, and keep the load close to your body
•Your legs do the work: Leg muscles are stronger and more durable than back muscles
•Keep your back straight and bend at the knees and hips. Arching your back at any time greatly increases your risk of injury.
•Move your feet when you change directions. Never twist your upper body while carrying a load, take small steps to move position.
•To place the load: Again bend at the knees using only your leg muscles to place the load.

Avoid packing boxes on the floor. Instead pack on a table so that you do not have to bend to move the box.

Remember to use smaller boxes for storing or moving heavy objects. Books can be heavier than you think.

One of the best investments for saving your back is the purchase of a sack barrel from a hardware shop. These little work horses could save your back for moving things around your house and property.

Like the Just Moving team if you make sure you remain in good physical condition you can reduce the likelihood of back injuries. If you maintain good posture, exercise regularly, manage your weight, get regular exercise and minimise stress it can help.

I am sure Leonard Ring would agree, perhaps it’s just easier and safer to call in moving experts Just Moving when next packing up your house. No doubt there will be more house moves in your life but you only have one back.