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January 23

Tips to help pets move easily and without stress


We all love our pets and we want that moving house is not stressful for them and us.

As humans we focus our attention on getting organised and making our move as easy as possible. Using a moving company minimises these types of effects but has much consideration been given to the pets in the household.

Cats in particular are very isolated animals with a small territory to move around in, so …


October 13

Moving house with a great company does not have to be difficult

Moving house with a great company like Just Moving

When moving house meticulous planning and trust is required when choosing you local moving company. You need to find some one that caters to your needs and most importantly is punctual and careful with your prized items. Dealing with a company with a proven track record and care and attention to detail is a commodity that is very …


September 29

What to look for in a moving company

Are you moving house soon?

Moving House is Easy…
Simply pack your belongings up, grab a few cardboard boxes, chuck the washing machine in your car and you are away. Right? Its not stressful and its easy as …

Sound familiar?

Well in the name of that great beer company YEA RIGHT!!!!

Comments like these are something we hear quite regularly and we know deep down that the person talking means well, but clearly …


September 29

How to move house safely and efficiently

“Bend your knees” and “Don’t use your back as a crane”. Just Moving endorses these phrases when moving house.

These slogans date back to the 1980’s when ACC launched its accident prevention programme on television fronted by the lively physiotherapist Leonard Ring. His talent as a presenter and speaker lead him to be a leading spokesperson on safety and injury prevention. His life work was recognized when he was …


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